"we sparkle up your life"

Letter to the dearest

For many of us, our daily life is loaded with responsibilities,

hectic scheduleS, and overwhelming challenges at workplace and home.

While it is certainly a blessing to have the balls to juggle in one hand,

it is another story to keep your mind in the right place and maintain tranquility.

As a creative soul who loves art and architecture,

I find it hard to recharge my pool of inspiration

when my days are packed with meetings and tasks,

shuttling between limited boundaries.

That's when traveling can help.

it is to discover new things, or to see the old things in a new way;

to learn how to live a life in different ways;

to throw yourself into the uncertainties and see what happens;

to appreciate the encounter of your unknown desires and preferences.

That is the reason I decided to start LALALAJOY,

a lifestyle shop like a suitcase full of treasures and souvenirs from a noteworthy journey.

Our mission is to bring inspiration to your daily life,

introducing the basics and essentials with a touch of 'Joie de Vivre'

-a little something extra which sparkles up your life.

Through our journey onward, we are dedicated to share our discoveries with you,

helping you to find your undiscovered tastes and to build a ritual to care for your life.

We believe in the daily practice of wellbeing and well-living is important to sustain our life.

With love and smile,